13690618_999942486720942_6059124079900090453_nJake Kasperowski vs Tim Hagan

125lb Amateur

The pair traded jabs to start the fight, both getting their hands loose before cutting into each other with low kicks. A left hook from Kasperowski landed clean, going high with a question mark kick and mid kick. A two piece landed for Kasperowski and a spinning heel kick to the body, Hagan eating harm and coming forward with ripping shots of his own, trying to deal with the longer fighter’s use of reach. Kasperowski landed a front kick to the body and another spinning heel kick that sent Hagan flying flat on his back; wind knocked out of his sails and Kasperowski swarming to attack on the mat. Hagan wrapped his foe up in closed guard and tried to weather the storm, Kasperowski stepping out of guard as the round ended, brimming with confidence moving into the second round.

Kasperowski rifled a low kick home to start the round, a left hook and mid kick cracking home as well. Hagan charging forward and trying to devour the space Kasperowski had used successfully in the first round. Hagan landed a flurry but Kasperowski wheeled away, throwing his spinning body kick again; an inside leg kick and hook landing hard. A front kick from Kasperowski landed as he uncorked shots, hitting a takedown directly into a guillotine that looked lethal. Hagan rolled and released the choke into mount where he landed a set of nasty right hands, Kasperowski spinning out and moving to standing, keeping his muay thai game going strong to the end of the round.

Hagan came out with a fury to start the round, throwing low kicks and heaters that had Kasperowski resetting to find his range; front kick and spinning back kick landing hard. Hagan over-pursued in his rush to find a finish, Kasperowski hitting a double but being stuck in guard. Hagan having burned his fuel tried but was unable to explode out from bottom, Kasperowski unloading punches and finding mount as Hagan tried to kick his way out, Kasperowski finishing out the fight in the last ten seconds via ground and pound.

Jake Kasperowski wins via 3rd Round TKO (punches)



Jon Ciampa vs Brandon Murphy

170lb Amateur

Ciampa threw a short hook to start the action, Murphy lining up a hard leg kick and looking to uncork a head kick as he pivoted on the outside; Ciampa having none of it as he hit a double and again, moving to mount. Murphy rolled and Ciampa took the back with hooks, putting the squeeze on his foe’s neck for the early tap.

Jon Ciampa wins via 1st Round Submission (RNC)


John Lessard vs  Josh Meehan

125lb Amateur

Meehan came out with a low kick early, catching a mid kick from Lessard but not finding the takedown. A wild punch from Meehan saw him overextend and catch a clubbing shot from Lessard that rocked the Juniko fighter, Lessard swarming and hitting a takedown into the guard; Meehan entangling the right arm and looking for openings to attack. Lessard worked towards staying tight inside his opponent’s confounding guard, Meehan working rubber guard and inching towards triangles, the pieces coming together but time running out as the round drew to a close.

Meehan used long kicks to start the round, landing a body knee as Lessard closed space, Meehan hitting the takedown and looking for a leg lock before dropping into Lessard’s guard. Meehan postured up to drop punches, passing to mount as his opponent kicked away in an attempt to escape. Lessard rolled and Meehan following to the back, looking for the RNC but Lessard kept the dream alive as he rolled and protected his neck. Meehan trapped the arm and went for the choke again; Lessard’s defenses circumvented and Meehan snatching the submission win.

Josh Meehan wins via 2nd Round Submission (RNC)


Andrew Herbst vs Will Graustuck:

125lb Amateur

Graustuck came in fast with a power double, inside on the taller opponent and looking for a fast finish. Graustuck leapt for an armbar that Herbst attempted to first roll though and then slam his way out of to no avail, having to tap as the fighter went belly down on the hold and threatened to snap it.

Will Graustuck wins via 1st Round Submission (armbar)


Austin Schalla vs Alex Ortiz

155lb Amateur

The pair of tall lightweights pawed jabs early, Ortiz landing a leg kick but taking a two piece for the trouble; moving forward with a body lock takedown. Ortiz passed to half guard and looked for an Americana, losing it as Schalla found guard. Ortiz pounded the body like a drum, keeping his opponent pressed to the cage and inflicting harm with minimal danger to himself. Ortiz jockeyed for a mounted guillotine but Schalla was wise to the set-up, keeping safe until the end of the round.

The pair exchanged long shots to start the round, nothing landing with authority until a body kick from Ortiz sounded off the rafters. Ortiz closed for a takedown but was stopped by Schalla, the pair moving to a loose clinch where they exchanged body knees for grueling minutes. Schalla threw a handful of uppercuts and sank a fast power guillotine, Ortiz stuck and unable to pitch his opponent to escape; digging deep as the round closed out before his world was reduced to black.

Schalla worked a hard pace early in the third, Ortiz evading with smart head movement but not firing back. Schalla landed an inverted jab and closed distance, but was reversed on the cage, Ortiz looking for a double leg but having issue getting on the lanky fighter’s hips. Schalla broke away and the duo threw chopping low kicks, Ortiz avoiding the majority of his opponent’s offense but not finding anything of his own, the fight moving to a decision

Alex Ortiz wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)


Jose Atiles vs Ed Forlenza

155lb Amateur

Atiles pumped a set of hard kick attacks early, Forlenza landing a belly to belly suplex and looking to pass to mount from half guard. Forlenza muscled into mount and postured up to drop brutal shots, catching a defending arm and wrenching on an Americana that put Atiles into a world of hurt as he frantically tapped.

Ed Forlenza wins via 1st round Submission (Americana)


Zeal McGrew vs Ron Marshall

205lb Amateur

Marshall came in with his trademark haymakers to start the fight, McGrew ducking and hitting a takedown he couldn’t hold on the bigger man; Marshall fighting to his feet and against a rear body lock. McGrew released his hold and backed out to center cage, Marshall charging with a right hand and looking to dirty box where McGrew pushed out and back to center again. Marshall threw a set of right hands and McGrew answered with a left straight, the two big men being relatively light on the offense early. Marshall slammed home a hard right hand that had McGrew backing away from his foe’s power as the round came to a close.

McGrew tried to be first in the second round, throwing strikes and hitting a double leg as he glided under Marshall’s big punches. McGrew worked inside Marshall’s guard, unable to mount any offense, though his moment came as Marshall exploded to his feet, McGrew jumping into mount and punching away, snatching a defending arm in a flash and hitting a belly down armbar, Marshall forced to tap in the dying seconds of the round.

Zeal McGrew wins via 2nd Round Submission (armbar)


Pat Crowley vs Fabio Cherant:

185lb Amateur

Crowley came out with a cool temperament and pawed with a jab, Cherant winging hooks that bounced off his foe’s chin with no consequence. A mid kick and jab landed for Crowley and another mid kick, Cherant looking to counter hard but being swarmed as Crowley landed a flurry and dumped his opponent with a quick takedown.  Cherant exploded to standing and hit a counter takedown, flying into mount and raining down left hands while holding the cage with his right, the referee stopping the action for the flagrant foul and restarting on the feet. Cherant came out with fury, landing a set of crushing punches that had Crowley seeing stars, thought the fighter kept his composure in the storm and hit a double leg that kept him from being overwhelmed on the feet, the round coming to an end shortly thereafter.

The round began with Cherant throwing a two piece, Crowley diving for the takedown but leaving his neck exposed; Cherant locking on a guillotine with monster strength and forcing Crowley to tap out.

Fabio Cherant wins via 2nd Round Submission (guillotine)


Shane Dougherty vs Shaun Shubert

145lb Amateur

The pair closed cautiously to start the fight, low kicks flying from both sides before Dougherty shot for a powerful slam that rattled the cage; Shubert looking for a guillotine from an awkward angle. Dougherty looked to work a von flue but gave up on the hold, posturing up to landing heat from top half guard. Shubert against looked to control the head, working towards standing where Dougherty again hit a driving takedown into mount, punching away as Shubert swiveled from under his foe looking to escape, surviving the round.

Dougherty launched a pair of harsh leg kicks, Shubert returning the favor, deflecting an incoming head kick as they wheeled around the cage. Dougherty landed a clean shot and the pair engaged in a brutal slug fest, Shubert whiffing on a spinning backfist and being taken down, but springing up to hit a body lock takedown of his own. Shubert dropped hammerfists as Dougherty worked to escape from under his opponent, finding guard and hunting for an armlock that Shubert power slammed out of. Shubert leapt on his adversary and tried an armbar of his own, the hold slipping and Dougherty attacking from guard until the bell.

The final round in a wild fight, Shubert threw a spinning back fist to start it off, Dougherty launching for a double leg that was rebuked. Shubert tried for a takedown of his own and moved to hit a guillotine standing, but found nothing as the two broke away to center cage. Dougherty again rushed for the takedown but couldn’t find it, Shubert throwing hard but being slammed off a pendulous takedown. Shubert worked off his back to find a submission but Dougherty kept close, throwing token offense and avoiding pitfalls; passing to mount as the clapper sounded for a last ditch armbar that was just a hair off, Shubert turning out of the hold as the horn sounded.

Shane Dougherty wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)


Seth Jacobs vs Chris Sniger

150lb Amateur

Sniger closed early, pushing for the clinch and working a double leg into full guard and passing to mount for a brief moment, Jacobs shrimping to the cage and trying to stand. Sniger was on him with a storm of fists, following his target as Jacobs rolled and lumping him up the entire way; settling into a knee on belly mount where the referee dove in to stop the fight.

Chris Sniger wins via 1st Round TKO (punches)


Kerri Kenneson vs Kylie O’Hearn

130lb Amateur

ohearn vs kenneson ohern vs kenneson 2 ohern vs kenneson 3

The pair traded at center cage immediately off the bell, Kenneson getting the better of exchanges and driving for a takedown, hitting a single leg; O’Hearn using a head lock to try and pull her foe over but failing. Kenneson held an empty half guard and threw left hands as she advanced position, O’Hearn regaining guard and trying to shut down Kenneson’s relentless offense. Kenneson stacked her opponent to pass, kneeing hard to the legs and dropping murderous hammerfists as the first round ended all Kenneson.

Kenneson landed an inside leg kick and hard left to start the round, pouring it on and looking for a takedown again off the cage as O’Hearn defended, hitting a body lock takedown into Kenneson’s active guard. Kenneson sought a triangle and landed hammerfists as she tried to tighten up the hold, O’Hearn prying her way out as they rolled; Kenneson crushing to maintain ground control, finishing out the round in O’Hearn’s guard.

A leg kick from Kenneson was answered by a series of straights from O’Hearn, the two firing at each other with wild yet accurate combination work, O’Hearn buckling a bloodied foe and taking her to the mat in search of the finish. O’Hearn went for the armlock but couldn’t find the angle, seeking to retreat up the body to take the back. O’Hearn moved for a body triangle but couldn’t manage to sink it, instead looking for a triangle as Kenneson looked to take dominant position, the round ending with the pair locked up against the base of the cage.

Kerri Kenneson wins via Split Decision (29-28, 28-27, 28-29)


Jason Peppe vs Jose Campos

265lb Amateur Title

campos vs peppe

The battle of titans started with short combos from both men at center cage, each slipping and ripping on the other. Campos came on with a barrage that Peppe took off his gloves, landing a hard leg kick and left hand as they closed again. Campos landed to the body and took one on the chin, Peppe landing stiff leg kicks at range. Campos plinked with a stiff jab and then a right hand, Peppe countering but eating another jab that had him bloody. Campos kept the jab moving, landing a right hand and eating a counter but coming forward relentlessly with power shots. Out of absolutely nowhere, Campos uncorked a spinning backfist that caught Peppe across the jaw, the big man doing a classic Rick Flair walk and face plant as Campos took the strap with an amazing KO.

Jose Campos wins via 1st Round KO (spinning backfist)


Morgan Dean vs Sean Bettencourt

185lb Amateur Title

bettencourt vs dean

Dean came out hunting for the single leg off the bell, Bettencourt shrugging him off and avoiding the big power shots of Dean early. A fast duck under and takedown by Dean saw him plant the champion on the mat, Bettencourt working to his feet despite Deans best efforts. Bettencourt threw a scorcher that clipped Dean who rolled for a kneebar, the two coming down in a heap with Bettencourt first to get his gears turning, dropping hammerfists and taking the back to throw a flurry, Dean a bloody mess in seconds and Bettencourt defending his title successfully.

Sean Bettencourt wins via 1st round TKO (punches)


John McAndrews vs Bobby Gasdia

170lb Amateur Title

gasdia vs mcandrews gasdida vs mcandrews 2

Gasdia started the action with a straight shot that dropped McAndrews to his haunches, the young fighter rushing forward with a body lock and throwing him to the mat where he battered him with hammerfists. McAndrews kept his wits, avoiding the worst of harm as he moved to stand; Gasdia taking the back for an RNC that was just off, McAndrews turning out and trying to hit a single in a transition. Gasdia used fast hips and took the back, throwing hammerfists and flattening out McAndrews to close out his first title victory.

Bobby Gasdia wins via 1st Round TKO (punches)


Joe LeVasseur vs Sean Lally

185lb Professional

lally vs lavesseur

LeVasseur closed with a low kick and pumped a jab, Lally bobbing inside and throwing his ruinous fists at his opponent. A clipping shot dazed LeVasseur and a follow-up had him faceplanting; two quick shots on the mat putting LeVasseur out in a bad way as Lally scored another fast and brutal finish.

Sean Lally wins via 1st Round KO (punch)


Justin Sumter vs Sean Evans

185lb Professional

sumter vs evans

The two feinted at center cage, Sumter landing a sharp jab before coming over the top with a head kick that sent Evans crashing into the fence in a heap, Sumter darting in with a punch to seal the deal on his first professional win.

Justin Sumter wins via 1st Round KO (head kick)


Fernando Perez vs Johnny Campbell

140lb Professional


Perez closed with a leg kick, returned by Campbell and again, the two going at each other with long power shots. A side kick from Campbell landed followed by a hook as he faded away from Perez counters. A two-three from Perez landed and Campbell kept up a game of punishing low shots. A body kick from Perez landed like a gun shot on Campbell’s right side and the fighter backed to the cage, trying to play it off as nothing, but the veteran fighter in Perez smelled the blood in the water, coming forward with accurate punches and landing a knee to the body that dropped Campbell to the mat; top pressure from Perez causing Campbell to tap on the mat from a likely rib inury.

Fernando Perez wins via 1st Round Submission (injury)


Devin Pilkington vs Max Barrett

135lb Professional

14212798_1153529408026806_302255278415434398_n 14238261_1153530018026745_6874544462097642589_n

Pilkington started the fight with a stiff jab, Barrett coming in with a head kick and ferocious combination that Pilkington ate like candy. A body kick from Barrett landed and a pair of hooks landed for Pilkington on the counter, Barrett diving in with a long right hand and finding Pilkington’s chin with regularity. A front kick from Barrett resulted in the two trading hard, Pilkington rocking Barrett with a shot and Barrett coming right back with a two piece that sent Pilkington down like a board. Barrett swarmed and Pilkington tried to hold guard and regain his wits but Barrett was having none of it, posturing up and delivering the coup de grace, Pilkington on his way to Valhalla, sent screaming to the golden hall by Barrett’s fists.

Max Barrett wins via 1st Round KO (punches)


David Baxter vs Ernesto Ornelas

125lb Professional

baxter vs ornelas 2 baxter vs ornelas

A check hook from Ornelas started the fight, Baxter catching a low kick and tripping his foe to the mat but being swept immediately. Ornelas postured up to drop punches, returning to standing rather than play in Baxter’s guard and landing shots as they came to standing. A Stiff jab and straight landed for Orneals; Baxter shooting but being pushed to the mat into side control where Ornelas let him up again. A pair of shots landed for Ornelas again and Baxter collapsed off a takedown yet again, Ornelas moving into guard to keep the pressure on, working a devilish pace. Baxter wall walked and Ornelas attacked in clinch with takedown attempts and short strikes, breaking to center cage to light up his foe again. Baxter took the punch but found the takedown this time, attacking from top as Ornelas bled profusely though finding a sweep; referee pausing the fight check the severe laceration on Ornelas’ forehead. The doctor examined the fighter and deemed him unfit to continue, giving Baxter the win.

David Baxter wins via 1st Round TKO (Cut)


Rodrigo Almeida vs Manny Bermudez

145lb Professional

bermudez vs almeida

A jab from Bermudez landed as well as a follow-up one-two, the fighters clinching where Bermudez threw a knee, Almeida driving for a single leg against the cage. Bermudez sank a nasty guillotine off the single leg attempt, keeping the framework there as Almeida retreated, but far too late. Bermudez reeled in the choke and crushed him against the cage, forcing the submission like a boss.

Manny Bermudez wins via 1st Round Submission (Guillotine)


Darren Mima vs Remo Cardarelli

125lb Professional

Mima came out with a three strike combo early, Cardarelli shooting surprisingly but finding nothing off the takedown, coming in with blazing hands and being waved on by Mima. Mima threw a two strike combo and a spinning back kick that missed, the two darting in and out with both landing solid power shots at ridiculous tempo. A left hand from Mima knocked Cardarelli’s mouth guard out but he avoided follow-ups and the fight restarted with it in place, Cardarelli landing a driving right hand on Mima. A trip from Mima saw him jockey his way into top half guard, Cardarelli escaping to his feet but eating a set of knees on the way up. Mima looked for a guillotine and used it to throw his opponent to the mat, dodging Cardarelli’s bottom game entanglements to land punches and advance position. Mima worked to attack from top but found nothing of value against Cardarelli’s defense, opting to back out and try again with another takedown, finding his best shots as Cardarelli came to standing. Cardarelli returned fire and wobbled Mima with a right hand, unable to put him away so instead hitting a power slam to punctuate the round.

A driving right hand from Mima landed and Cardarelli returned fire, Mima throwing a spinning back kick to the head landing but Cardarelli bouncing back with a driving right hand that dumped Mima. The BST fighter followed him to the mat but couldn’t make anything work inside the guard, standing up and shooting, but having to extract himself from a guillotine. Cardarelli popped out but found himself corralled again the cage, Mima dropping elbows and taking top half guard, remaining heavy and pressing the advantage with crossfaces and short punches. Mima framed up an arm triangle but found himself with no space against the cage, Cardarelli bucking from bottom and looking to regain his guard or his feet, but finding neither before the round ended.

Cardarelli came in with a two piece early in the round, being countered before Mima again countered a takedown to the mat, landing in side control.  Mima kept tight and looked to set up a guillotine or pass to mount but Cardarelli gave him nothing to work with, inching into bottom half guard. Mima worked to isolate the right arm and mount, going for the arm triangle but hitting a beautiful RNC as Cardarelli rolled to escape and squeezing for the finish.

Darren Mima wins via 3rd Round Submission (RNC)